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According to the R & D regulation of CTU, We are to establish "Research Center of Mechatronoptic Technology Application & Systems Integration" which are to integrate the teachers and industry’s technical resources, industry-university cooperative research project, Development new products, supply consulting technical information and human capacity building and so on.

二、Research field

The center of industry-university cooperative research project and research field are including: Mechatronics and automation technology, engineering material technology, biological technology, new product innovation development, production and marketing of products and financial management as well as human capacity building.

三、Cooperation department

The Center important affairs are focused on technology integration.  Researchers are widely from the other department that has combine with department and Institute in schools.  Furthermore, cooperative organization are including The National Science Council and the Council of agriculture, the Ministry of Internal Affairs vocational training Council, the Industrial Development Bureau and the Ministry of economy SME Department central unit, as well as local governments at all levels.  Partners, which are following Bi Shun Technology Corporation, Golden harvest Xinyu biologic technology.

三、Achieve the desired results
(A) Increase teachers ' university-industry cooperation and opportunity, help to improve the school's reputation.
(B) Apply large research and development projects, increased teachers research energy and confidence.
(C) Encourage students to participate in research, increased working opportunities.
(D) Training industry human capacity builds, reach a combination of education, training, employment goals.
(E) Training course planning.